New R&D Center for Huawei in Tampere – 40 employees already and recruiting more

Chinese mobile giant Huawei has opened a research and development facility in Tampere, Finland. The head of Huawei’s Finnish R&D center’s lead Mikko Terho says that the team at the Tampere facility develops camera solutions as well as imaging and audio algorithms for consumer electronics products.


Senior Manager Oula Välipakka from Tampere Region Economic Development Agency, Tredea, finds the investment to bear great significance to the region as a whole. “It is a positive sign to others that such a global player as Huawei chooses Tampere as the location for their research unit. This will bring a boost to the wider area.”


“It is very siginificant for a company this size to enter the Tampere ICT ecosystem. It will certainly bring new innovations,” says Senior Advisor Kirsi Kokko from Finpro’s Invest in Finland unit.


The Huawei unit has 40 employees and more will be recruited to both Tampere and Helsinki. In total Huawei has over 240 experts in Finland. The R&D facility in Tampere was founded in cooperation with Invest in Finland, Tampere University of Technology and City of Tampere.