New funding to boost wind power development in Finland

Finnish government wants to speed up environmental assessments and planning regulations concerning wind power projects.

The Finnish government is boosting the development of wind power in the country as part of its current budgetary review process, according to Jyri Häkämies, Minister for Economic Affairs. The government is committing EUR 600,000 new funding to the regional Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment to speed up environmental impact assessments concerning wind power projects. Local municipalities will also be provided with an additional EUR 1 milllion for accelerating the preparation of town planning regulations guiding wind power construction.


Clean energy programme


Increasing wind power production is part of the clean energy programme that will be launched by the government later this year, which aims to make Finland a global pioneer in the field by increasing the use of renewable energy and improving energy efficiency. The programme also aspires to create new energy business aimed at export markets. The full objectives of the programme will be set as part of the government’s energy and climate strategy update this autumn.


The government’s budget review has also allocated EUR 1.1 million from the production subsidy for renewable energy to a gasifier premium that is paid for wood chips in addition to a feed-in tariff. This month Häkämies is starting a consultation process open to all individuals, companies and public officials regarding the opportunities and bottlenecks of Finland’s domestic energy production. “The objective is to reduce dependency on imported energy, to increase domestic production and to create export opportunities for domestic clean energy solutions,” says Häkämies.


Source: Ministry of Employment and the Economy