New electronic air traffic control system for Helsinki Airport

New system will ensure even smoother and more effective traffic control also during the most challenging weather conditions.

Helsinki Airport is now among the most advanced airports in Europe after introducing a new electronic air traffic control system that ensures a high throughput capacity even during bad weather conditions. The eSTRIP system provided by the Swedish company Saab Security is used to control air traffic in the airport area, aircraft taxi clearances and vehicle traffic at the airport.

Runways and taxiways must not be entered without permission from the traffic control, and these permissions will now be managed with an electronic tool. According to Anne Ilola, Director, Air Navigation Operations, Finavia, the reform is aimed at creating a safe service, increasing capacity and improving the air controllers’ job satisfaction and ergonomics.

A new Surface Movement Guidance and Control System provided by the Dutch company Hitt Traffic will equip vehicles moving in the airport area with radio transmitters and a positioning system. This will provide traffic control a real-time image with automatically updated identification of both aircraft and land vehicles.

The working conditions and technical systems of the airport’s control tower were already renewed in 2010. According to Finavia, the new system is the most modern in its class. “Finavia’s strengths are training in the field of air navigation, flexible airspace solutions, air traffic control systems and planning these systems,” says Ilola.

Sources: Tekniikka & Talous, Finavia