New cargo and passenger ferry route between Finland and Estonia

Cargo ferry line Navirail will operate five times a week between Hanko in Finland and Paldiski North Port in Estonia.

The Estonian cargo ferry line Navirail is opening a new route on 30 October between the Finnish city of Hanko and Paldiski North Port in Estonia. Mainly focusing on cargo traffic, the service will operate five times a week but is also open to passengers three times a week.

Navirail’s ship Via Mare has 60 cabins and can take about 100 passengers at a time. The new route to Hanko is expected to attract both tourists and Estonians working in Finland.

The journey between Hanko and Paldiski takes about three hours. “This is a new opportunity to get passengers and cargo moving between Estonia and Finland. This is very good news for the Port of Hanko because it will bring more passenger traffic to the city,” says Stig Sundberg, chairman of the Hanko port committee.

Sources: Turun Sanomat