New businesses respond to growing demand for local food in Finland

Finnish consumers are increasingly interested in shorter and more transparent food supply chains.

Finland has 121 food retail stores focusing on locally produced food from small and medium-sized farms and food companies, according to research by the Food Finland organisation. Among the traditional food halls and long-established farm shop, there is now also an increasing number of new entrepreneurs operating in the bigger cities around the country who are selling local food products.

Finnish consumer and professional buyers are increasingly interested in short food supply chains, local food and local products. Consumers view a shorter and more transparent supply chain as a safer alternative. The Uusimaa province in Southern Finland has the most local food stores, followed by Etelä-Savo in eastern Finland, and Lapland.

In a clear indication of the growing demand for locally produced food, this year more than 350 new companies have added their details to the Aitojamakuja.fi website published by Food Finland, which provides a contact list for small producers and stores selling local food. There are currently 1500 small food companies listed on the website.

Source: Ruokatieto, Food Finland