New Audi TT instrument cluster created with Finnish solution

Rightware’s software enables world’s first user programmable instrument cluster with real-time 3D graphics.

The instrument cluster of the new Audi TT has been created with the Finnish company Rightware’s Kanzi User Interface solution, which is the world’s first user programmable instrument cluster with real-time 3D graphics. Rightware’s CEO Jonas Geust believes that the new instrument cluster sets a new bar for the whole automotive industry, and expects rapid growth in the sector that straddles smartphones and cars.

The user interface has become one of the key decision making points for consumers worldwide, according to Mathias Halliger, head of architecture, MMI System at Audi. “Our longstanding cooperation with Rightware and our widening adoption of their Kanzi UI Solution has enabled us to continuously design and implement the industry’s leading user interfaces. We are thrilled with the new Audi TT Instrument cluster and the great partnership with Rightware,” says Halliger.

State-of-the art system

Audi TT’s advanced digital instrument cluster is unmatched anywhere in the world, according to Said Horst Hadler, Head of Cluster Graphics at e.solutions GmbH which implemented the system. The ability to use real-time rendering enabled designers and engineers at e.solutions to use realistic looking materials such as chrome and deploy advanced effects, including dynamic lighting and shadows.

“The cluster needs to look impeccable, be very responsive and, most importantly, work very reliably. We are extremely happy with the cooperation and support from Rightware during this and other projects we are working on,” says Said Horst Hadler.

Rightware’s technology has also been used in the Audi A3 model and will also feature in Audis’s future models, according to Jonas Geust.

Sources: Rightware, Taloussanomat