Moventas is planning a third factory in Finland

Clyde Blowers Capital chairman and CEO Jim McColl forecasts rapid growth for Moventas and its new FusionDrive product.

The Finnish company Moventas, one of the world’s leading industrial and wind gear manufacturers, was acquired by Clyde Blowers Capital in 2012. Jim McColl, founder, chairman and CEO of the Clyde Blowers Capital group and now the main owner of Moventas, predicts that Moventas’ turnover from the wind power business will grow by 50% in 2014. During his recent visit to Jyväskylä, central Finland, McColl also said he expects even faster growth in the following years.

The good business prospects have encouraged McColl to start planning a third factory in Jyväskylä, which could happen in 2017 at the earliest. Moventas’ target is to treble its turnover to more than EUR 500 million by the end of 2015.

Gear and generator combination

Moventas has released the test results for the FusionDrive gear and generator combination jointly developed with permanent magnet generator supplier The Switch. According to Moventas, the FusionDrive enables higher drivetrain efficiency due to a better power curve and overall efficiency. It has a lower drive train mass and requires less material, and its compact design allows lighter overall turbine layout.

McColl believes that the FusionDrive will play a major role in Moventas’ business in 2017. The FusionDrive is already in commercial production for DeWind.

Sources: Keskisuomalainen, Moventas