More Russians are visiting Finland than ever

Russian visitors spend hundreds of millions of euros on shopping in Finland every year.

As usual, Russians were by far the largest group of foreign visitors to Finland with 112,000 overnight stays from a total of 445,000 for all foreign visitors. Overnight stays recorded at accommodation establishments in Finland for Russian visitors in the period January-March also increased by fifth from the year before, reaching a total of 510,000.

Russian visitors spend hundreds of millions euros in Finland annually, especially benefiting retailers in south-eastern Finland which borders on Russia, as well as the Helsinki capital city region. According to Finnish research and analysis company Tak Oy, Russian visitors are spending EUR 260 million in south-east Finland alone.

“Finland is a desired destination among Russians with 75% expressing an interest in travelling here. Primarily, Russians come to Finland for shopping trips. The number of Russians visiting Finland for holidays is also clearly rising,” says Pasi Nurkka, managing director of Tak Oy.

According to Nurkka, Russians especially like buying fish and coffee, and are attracted by the quality and price of groceries in Finland. There is still great potential to increase tourism from Russia because about 80% of the residents of St. Petersburg have not visited Finland as yet.

Sources: Statistics Finland, Federation of Finnish Commerce