More Finnish companies are relocating overseas production back to Finland

Return is motivated by desire for greater control over production and the supply chain, as well as rising costs in Asia.

Finnish companies that have made the move include the leading independent MEMS manufacturer VTI Technologies, Valtavalo which specialises in energy efficient lighting solutions, bicycle manufacturer Helkama, and games manufacturer Nelostuote Oy. The Finnish company Patria, which produces defence, security and aviation life-cycle support services and technology solutions, has also relocated its component manufacture in Finland after trying out subcontracting in China.

Timo Lindholm, executive vice president at the Federation of Finnish Enterprises, believes that an increasing number of Finnish companies will be coming home in the future. “Salaries and other production costs have been constantly increasing faster in the Asian countries than in Finland. The trend may become visible in all products where quality and the reliability of supply are more important than the just the price,” says Lindholm.

Sources: 3T, Taloussanomat