Microsoft donates more than EUR 1.8 million to Finnish universities

Microsoft has many ongoing research projects with Finnish universities.

Microsoft has donated EUR 1.4 million to Aalto University in Helsinki and EUR 210,000 to both the University of Oulu and the Tampere University of Technology foundation. According to Microsoft, research and product development are critical for future growth and universities form a base for jobs and businesses.

According to Ari Rahkonen, CEO of Microsoft Finland, the company has a long tradition of cooperation with universities and schools around the world. The deepening cooperation between Microsoft and Nokia is increasing Finland’s importance for Microsoft.

“There is a lot of talk in Europe about the need to reform polytechnics and universities. Finland has taken action in this regard. The country’s universities hold a key position in the national innovation system. They can create greater opportunities than we can imagine,” says Rahkonen.

Microsoft has many ongoing research projects with Finnish universities. For example, with Aalto University it is researching protocols and planning architectures that can withstand denial of service attacks on the internet as well as creating concepts for utilising search engine technologies in a home environment.

Sources: Microsoft, Aalto University