Media buying growing in Finland

Companies in Finland are currently buying more media space to boost sales, especially on the Web, radio and television.

In Sweden media buying by media agencies increased by 16% in July 2010, while in Finland the growth was only 3.4%, according to Juha Herranen, managing director of Aegis Media. He believes that companies in Sweden react faster to growth opportunities, whereas in Finland companies tend to live more according to their budgets and the calendar year.

Nevertheless, media buying in Finland has grown noticeably in August-September 2010, according to Tuula Kallio, managing director of the Dagmar media agency. Finnish companies currently have strong objectives for increasing sales, which especially benefits fast media like the Web, radio and television.

Both Herranen and Kallio believe that media advertising is longer a comprehensive indicator for marketing investments. All the activity conducted in the Web is growing but there is no public indicator for the amounts that invested in online marketing.

Marco Mäkinen, managing director of SEK & Grey, confirms that the employment situation has improved in the advertising agencies, although the situation is not yet quite at the pre-recession level.

Source: Markkinointi&Mainonta