Marketing communications spending set to rise in Finland

Finnish companies expect to advertise more on the web, television and mobile devices, with social media attracting the most interest.

As many as 90% of the respondents to the advertising barometer plan to use social media in their marketing. From the companies that use Facebook, 88% have their own pages or groups, 52% buy Facebook adverts and about half have their own applications. The vast majority of respondents use search engine adverts with almost a third buying advertising space directly from search engines, usually Google.

According to Radiomedia, last year was the best ever in terms of advertising revenue for the private radio sector in Finland. Finnish companies spent 4.7% more on radio advertising in 2010 than the previous year, reaching a total of EUR 52 million. In terms of turnover, the best month for radio advertising was June, with January being the worst. Radiomedia’s data is based on turnover figures for its 49 member stations.

Source: Markkinointi&Mainonta