Manufacturing records 8.1% turnover growth in Finland in May - July

The chemical industry and textile, clothing and leather industry enjoy the fastest growth.

Turnover in Finland’s manufacturing industry increased by 8.1% in May - July 2011 compared to the same period one year ago, according to Statistics Finland. Domestic sales grew by 11.5% and export turnover by 5.5% from the previous year.

Most sub-industries enjoyed a good turnover performance during the period. Turnover growth was strongest in the chemical industry (26.7%) and in the textile, clothing and leather industry (11.1%). Other growth industries included electricity, gas and steam (9.0%), the food industry (7.7%), mining and quarrying (7.5%), water supply, sewage and waste management (6.6%) and the metal industry (6.1%). In contrast, turnover contracted slightly in the forest industry (-1.3%) and in the electrical and electronic industry (-0.8%).

Statistic Finland’s index of turnover in industry describes enterprises whose main industry is manufacturing. The calculation of the indices is based on the Tax Administration’s value added tax data which are supplemented with data obtained with Statistics Finland’s sales inquiry.

Source: Statistics Finland