Major growth forecast for e-commerce in Finland

E-commerce enjoyed 15% growth in Finland in 2011 and experts believe the fast growth rate is set to continue in 2012.

The typical Finnish online store is a small company that focuses on a narrow specialist field. Lindell predicts that the bigger online stores will start acquiring the smaller ones that have a well-functioning concept. The fastest growing customer segment for e-commerce in Finland consists of people over 50 years old.

Customers are fed up with not getting good service in the ordinary shops, according to Tero Junttila, Director of eCommerce and Product Information Management at Descom. Product information and prices are better in the online stores, which can also direct personal offers to the customers. Junttila believes that e-commerce in Finland will grow by 20% in 2012.

The major e-commerce trends in Finland predicted by Junttila include the introduction of social media in e-ommerce, standalone e-commerce applications for mobile devices, and online stores becoming cloud services.

Source: Kauppalehti, Redera, Descom