Major business park and Retail Stadium planned in southern Finland

The Focus business park will be located near the rapidly developing area around the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

A 10 square kilometre business park called Focus is being planned near the northern part of the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and alongside the forthcoming coming Ring Road IV. The project also includes a Retail Stadium for selling products like machinery, boats, home appliances and sports equipment, according to Hannu Joensivu, head of the Municipality of Tuusula, which is behind the scheme. The 100,000 floor square metre Retail stadium would be built on land owned by Lemminkäinen Oyj.

Focus will create many production and retail business opportunities, for example in logistics, machinery, exhibitions and specialized shops. It is expected to generate thousands of workplaces, while also complementing the Vantaa Aviapolis area.

The timeframe for the realisation of Focus is 10-20 years. Among the partners are Lemminkäinen Oyj, SRV Yhtiöt, Ilmailulaitos, Tiehallinto, the cities of Vantaa and Helsinki, the local land supplier Morenia Oy, Uudenmaan liitto and the development company Culminatum Oy. Property developers, investors and entrepreneurs who are interested in contributing to the development of the concept are welcome to join already during the planning phase.

Source: Helsingin Sanomat, Municipality of Tuusula