Locate your business to Finland – Success in the EU and the Nordic Region

If you are looking for a business location in the European Union, why not consider the most competitive country in Europe? Especially post Brexit, Finland is being recognized as an attractive alternative.

R&D functions. Being inside the EU is favored by businesses for development, especially with strict security requirements. Sectors like financial technology, public sector solutions and health care benefit from locating research and development functions inside EU. In Finland, innovation thrives. Finland ranks 1st in the study of Countries’ Impact on Global Innovation. In 2013, 3 % of all Finnish employees worked within R&D, this being one of the highest share in the world.

International companies are warmly welcomed and enjoy high return on investment in Finland. They can access same benefits as Finnish companies and can also apply for European funding in Finland. Setting up a business in Finland is quick and easy. Opening a legal entity only takes few weeks.

Do you want to hear more, listen the webinar:
ICT Industry
Golden Opportunity in Finland

The webinar provides you with an overview of the available high tech talent as well as the Finnish expertise areas:
- The profiles of the Finnish experts
- The range of Finnish expertise that enables business transformation
- The ways to tap on the Golden Opportunity in Finland