Lidl increases its market share in Finland

German daily consumer goods retailer is attracting higher customer flows and increased spending among Finnish households.

The German retail chain Lidl increased its share of the Finnish daily consumer goods market to 6.6% in 2013, according to research by Nielsen. This is 1.1% higher than Lidl’s market share in 2012. According to Nielsen, Lidl’s growth is based on its increasing customer flows and the fact that Finnish households increased their spending in Lidl stores by 20% during the past year.

Lidl established its first store in Finland in August 2002 and now has 141 stores around the country. According to Lidl, it was the first international daily consumer goods retailer to enter the Finnish market, creating more competition and offering Finnish consumers a different kind of product selection with a lower price level.

Growing sales

The total sales of daily consumer goods in Finland increased by 3.2% last year, reaching a total of EUR 16.66 billion. The volume of sales remained almost the same as in the year before. S-group had the biggest market share with 45.7%, followed by K-Group with 34%, and Suomen Lähikauppa with 7%.

The number of specialist stores selling bread, organic products and local produce has increased noticeable to around 900, according to Nielsen’s analysis of the Finnish daily consumer goods market. Their sales increased by 11.9% in 2013 and contributed 1.7% of the total sales in the daily consumer goods market.

Sources: Nielsen, Lidl