Intelligent exercise at Oulu Airport in Finland

Unique test environment with a free gym is part of the Healthy Flying concept developed at Oulu University.

According to an article in Good News from Finland, passengers are free to test the gym equipment which is available around the clock until the end of this year. The machines require the use of a smart card which records the passenger’s fitness level information. The card creates a personalised fitness programme for its user, taking into consideration the passenger’s fitness level and provides feedback after exercise.

“We don’t want to make passengers sweat. The exercise environment is intended to refresh passengers and offer them a relaxing moment in our massaging chairs, if they need it,” says Jouni Herranen, Managing Director of the project’s partner HealthEx. The purpose of the exercise environment is to create a model which could be also used at other airports.

The project involves Oulu University’s Information Processing Science Department, together with businesses, testing new technology solutions which enable the creation of an intelligent environment in a public space.

The project’s partners are health exercise service provider HealthEx, equipment producers Hur and Polar Electro, and the rehabilitation and research centre Verve.

Source: Good News from Finland