Intel and Nokia Establish First Joint Research Laboratory at University of Oulu

University of Oulu announced today that Intel and Nokia will establish their first collaborative research laboratory in Oulu, Finland.

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Background material: www.cie.fi/press

Heikki Huomo, Director, Center for Internet Excellence
+358 40 580 0150

Minna Rautakorpi
+358 45 261 6888

Ville Lehtovirta
+358 50 346 6946

About CIE:
Center for Internet Excellence, CIE, is an independent research center at the University of Oulu. CIE drives co-creation of next generation internet technologies, appliances and services. It aims to capture and create internet-driven growth opportunities by combining cutting-edge research innovations with agile new business creation processes. 3D Internet is one of CIE’s main research areas. www.cie.fi

About University of Oulu:
University of Oulu has six faculties and three large research institutes forming a multi-disciplinary academic community that enables diversified studies based on multifaceted research. The focus areas include information technology, biosciences and health, northern and environmental issues and cultural identity and interaction. www.oulu.fi/english

About Oulu:
Oulu has been at the forefront of system integration telecommunications development from the very beginning and has progressively become the R&D hub of the wireless world. Oulu offers a vibrant mix of business, research and education that continually inspires new companies and products towards success in the world market, as demonstrated with more than 800 high tech businesses operating in the region. www.businessoulu.com

Source: CIE Press release 24.3.2010