Innovative waste to energy plant under construction in Finland

Plant designed to maximise energy production while meeting stringent environmental requirements.

According to Pöyry, the environmental impact of the plant is minimised thanks to effective technology in the flue gas cleaning process. Also the building surface materials used are partly hydrotech tiles which are self-cleaning and environmentally friendly.


Lassila describes the high-technology plant as a modern sculptural combination of buildings. “They will change the area into an exceptional industrial facility that will attract people, designers and experts to familiarise themselves with the waste-to-energy process,” he says.


According to Kalle Patomeri, Project Director at Vantaan Energia Oy, there has been a strong commitment to design a sustainable plant that exceeds current environmental requirements. “We are also looking for an architecturally impressive solution, as we would like the new plant to attract thousands of visitors each year,” he says.

Source: Pöyry