Innovative Finnish company Globe Hope launches sailing bag with solar panels

The new Sifti bag is ideal for charging mobile phones and USB devices when other power sources are not available.

Globe Hope, an innovative Finnish design company that makes ecological design out of recycled materials, is launching a sailing bag with a solar powered charger for mobile phones. The new hand-made Sifti bags will bring peace of mind to everyone who enjoys boating and sailing trips because they no longer have to worry about their phones running out of power.


The new hand-made Sifti shoulder bags are made from recycled sails and old car seatbelts. The bag’s side pocket is fitted with solar panel system designed by the Finnish company Suntrica for charging phones as well as devices that can be charges via a USB port, such as GPS equipment, MP3 layers and some digital cameras. The devices can be connected to the power source inside the bag.


The solar panel also charges during cloudy weather, albeit at a slower rate. Once fully charged, the Sifti bag’s battery can charge a simple mobile phone to 100% or a touch screen phone to about 50% capacity. A share of the proceeds from the Sifti bag will be donated to protecting the Gulf of Finland through the World Wildlife Fund.


Globe Hope designs goods that are aesthetic, functional and idea-rich, which also offer people an ecological and sustainable choice. Formed in 2003, the company has a wide-ranging selection of clothes and accessories which are manufactured in Finland and Estonia, and sold in Europe and Japan.


Source: Globe Hope