Ilmatar plans 40 turbine wind farm in south-east Finland

Ilmatar has doubled the size of its original project and adopted a new land lease model to enable the wide participation of landowners.

Ilmatar, a Finnish wind power developer and wind power producer, is planning a wind farm at Mäyränmäki on the border of Hamina and Kotka in south-eastern Finland. The wind farm will consist of 40 turbines up to 6 MW each, producing up to 240 MW of power.


The location is marked as a wind power site in the Kymenlaakso regional area plan. Environmental studies have been prepared in the area during the summer of 2012. Ilmatar Hamina has initiated Environmental Impact Assessments as well as the component master plan process in the autumn of 2012.


Exceptional land lease model


According to Ilmatar, land ownership is very fragmented in Mäyränmäki, so an exceptional land lease model has been adopted for the area, which awards each land owner a balanced proportion of the lease profits. “In our view the wide participation of landowners and the new land lease model increase the acceptability of wind power,” says Mikko Toivanen, operative manager at Ilmatar.


The wind farm is being developed and the production will be overseen by the local Ilmatar subsidiary Ilmatar Hamina Ltd. Ilmatar is aiming to build 100 new wind turbines in Finland by the end of 2015. The combined nominal capacity of the wind turbines will add up to approximately 300 MW.


Source: Ilmatar