Ikea store and new shopping centre to open in Kuopio in 2012

Major new retail development is expected to attracted customers from across Eastern Finland.

The new Ikea store and Ikano shopping centre will form the largest building and retail space in Kuopio when they open in 2012. The total surface area of the project will be almost 100,000 square metres and it will create about 700-750 new jobs.

According to André Schmidtgall, Ikea’s country director in Finland, the new retail site in Kuopio was selected after a careful study of the region’s market potential. Ikea has realised that Finnish consumers are prepared to drive long distances to visit the store, especially in the rural areas. The new store in Kuopio is therefore planned to serve customers within a 2-3 hour driving distance across the region. Eastern and South-Eastern Finland also have a substantial number of Russian consumers coming across the border on shopping trips.

Sources: Savon Sanomat, Helsingin Sanomat