Huawei’s Finnish R&D centre specializes in mobile technology

Finland offers excellent conditions for establishing an R&D centre, according to Huawei.

Chinese technology giant Huawei established its research centre in the Ruoholahti district of Helsinki in 2012. Today the research centre employs almost 50 people, about half of whom are former Nokia employees. According to Mikko Terho, CTO Mobile Software and Site Manager Finland R&D, Huawei, Helsinki’s research centre is the only one in the Nordic countries where the company conducts research into mobile phone technology.

In an interview with the Finnish technology magazine IT-Viikko, Terho says that much of Huawei’s research in Finland is currently focusing on 5G radio technology and data security. Other areas of R&D activity include graphics for mobile devices, mobile browsers and other web technology, user interface design related to consumer products as well as participation in Linaro.

Plans for expansion

According to Terho, Finland offers an excellent location for a research centre thanks to a supportive government, good cooperation with the universities, the large number of companies in the mobile ecosystem, and the quality of Finnish engineers. Huawei has a user interface development project in cooperation with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Tampere University of Technology.

Huawei announced last year that it is expanding the Finnish R&D centre over the next few years. “Finland is one of the leading countries in telecoms technology and the birthplace of Linux, the open source operating system that we use in our network solutions and hardware technology,” Huawei’s General Manager Mr. Cao KeQian told Invest in Finland. “We regard the Finnish business environment as very open and the government’s attitude as welcoming foreign investment. The FDI functions are ready to serve us here.”

Source: IT-Viikko, Invest in Finland