Housing Fair will exhibit Finland’s largest wooden apartment building

Major project will increase public awareness about wooden apartments and provide opportunities for research.

The Finnish Construction company Rakennusliike Roponen Oy is building the largest wooden apartment block in Finland for the 2015 Housing Fair that will be held in Vantaa, southern Finland. Up to seven storeys high, the building will have 181 apartments and total living space of about 10,100 square metres.

With its advanced technical solutions, the project is planned as a forerunner for the development of wood construction in Finland. “This wooden apartment building project will also act as a test construction project where we can develop research into designing wood structure systems and building physical behaviour,” says Mika Airaksela, CEO of Rakennusliike Roponen Oy.

Increasing awareness and demand

Wooden apartment buildings have been constructed in Finland before but this is the first time that a completed building will be open to the general public. The Housing Fair hopes that the project will increase public awareness and demand among private home owners for wooden apartment living solutions. Over 140,000 people usually attend the annual Housing Fair.

"We are delighted that Vantaa’s Housing Fair can exhibit such a large-scale project. It means that we can do our part for promoting the construction of wooden apartment buildings in Finland and to bring awareness to the wider public,” says Juha-Veikko Nikulainen, Deputy Mayor of Vantaa.

Source: Housing Fair Finland