Home electronics sales grow by 4.1% in Finland

High demand for tablets, smartphones and advanced compact cameras.

Sales of home electronics have grown by 4.1% in Finland during the first half of this year compared to the corresponding period one year ago, according to statistics published by Kotek, a forum for the Finnish home electronics industry. In particular, the sales of tablets, smartphones, compact cameras and food preparation equipment have increased significantly since last year.

According to Kotek’s chairman Kari Karipuu, the retail trade is facing falling demand so 4.1% growth in home electronics is a surprisingly good achievement. “The growth engines have been the personal and portable equipment like smartphones and tablets. It seems that their demand is not so sensitive to the general economic trends,” he says.

Rapid sales growth for tablets

The sales of tablet computers have more than doubled in a year. Over 220,000 tablets were sold in the first six months of this year, compared to only 90,000 during the corresponding period last year. The average price of a tablet has increased by more than EUR 100 and is now EUR 559.

Smartphone sales increased by about 19%, reaching more than EUR 300 million. The volume of smartphones sold also went up by 15% to 800,000 devices. The average price of a smartphone increased to EUR 376. The sales of LED televisions have grown by 11% and consumers are also buying bigger television sets than before.

Kotek’s figures show that Finnish consumers have discovered a new segment of advanced compact digital cameras around the EUR 400 price range, where sales have grown by as much as 60% this year. The Finns’ growing interest in quality food and home cooking is highlighted by the growing sales of food preparation equipment, which have increased by 8% this year.

Source: Kotek