Hetzner’s Finnish data center opens up - hires IT experts

Germany-based data center operator Hetzner is about to open up its first unit in Helsinki, Finland. The data center will be up and running in early 2018.

Hetzner is currently hiring IT support personnel.

“Hetzner Finland will employ some 20 people upon start of the actual operations, mainly IT experts to support the server clients worldwide,” says Daniel Biller, Hetzner Online’s head for development projects. “In coming years, when we take new data centers in use, the number of employees will rise.”

The construction works of further units have also started.

“The foundation works of the next two buildings have just started and we estimate, that these will be ready during 2018,” comments Hetzner Finland’s construction manager Ilari Seitsonen. “More units will follow in the coming years and thus the construction works will continue for several years alongside with the actual data center operations.”

The new data center is located in the Helsinki metropolitan area, just 10 minutes from the Helsinki airport. The data center complements Hetzner Online’s two German data center parks in Falkenstein and Nuremberg.

Hetzner decided to build up its data centers in Finland after an investigation of a bunch of possible locations. In the eyes of Hetzner, Finland had many advantages in comparison to other Scandinavian countries. These include the likes of suitable climate, low electricity and corporate tax rates, proximity to Russia as well as excellent connectivity.


Watch Daniel Biller's full interview: