Heat pump innovation lowers district heating prices

Mäntsälän Sähkö’s award-winning heat recovery plant will cut heating prices by 5% and emissions by 40%.

A heat recovery plant established in the Russian search engine company Yandex’s data center in Mäntsälä, southern Finland, will lower heating costs for the local community and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The heat recovery plant was officially opened by Finland’s Finance Minister Alexander Stubb on 2 December.


According to the local electricity and district heating provider Mäntsälän Sähkö, the scale of the heat recovery process is currently unique globally. The plant and the process have attracted international attention and received the Heat Pump City of the Year Award 2015 from the European Heat Pump Association.


The process begins in Yandex’s data halls where the heat is collected with heat recycling equipment supplied by the Finnish company Calefa Oy and is then directed to the district heating network serving Mäntsälä households. District heating prices will fall by about 5% in 2016 thanks to the savings achieved by the heat recovery process.


Cheaper heating with lower emissions


The new plant is also good news for the environment because half of Mäntsälän Sähkö’s natural gas usage can be replaced by recycled heat from the data center. As a result, Mäntsälän Sähkö’s district heating will produce 40% less carbon dioxide emissions, which corresponds to the EU target set for emission reductions in 2030. If the data center is expanded in the future, the waste heat recovery can also be increased and natural gas use could be replaced in its entirety.


Effective and safe energy solutions were one of the main factors for Yandex in deciding to locate its data center in Mäntsälä. “For us it is important to be part of the community and take advantage of the surplus energies we produce, in order to use them for the benefit of the community,” says Yandex data center manager Ari Kurvi.


Source: Mäntsälän Sähkö