Health tourism market expected to triple in Finland

Increasing numbers of Russian visitors are coming to Finland for cancer treatment, perinatal services, surgery and dental care.

The demand for Finnish health services, especially from Russian visitors, has been growing rapidly in recent years and the market is expected to triple by the end of this decade.

“The demand for health services is growing together with the increasing number of tourists. Last year about 12,000 visitors spent money on medical services or medicines,” says Marco Roth, Development Manager in charge of the Health and Well-being Cluster at FinnMedi Oy.

Finnish hospitals and health care service providers offering high-quality medical care established the web portal www.healthcarefinland.ru this year as way of attracting more customers from Russia. Many service providers can also arrange accommodation for their customers. For example, Norlandia Care has a hotel with 130 rooms for patients located near the most important health services in the city of Tampere.

“Russian health tourists choose Finnish health services because of their high quality, safety and competitive price level,” says Roth. “In addition to the geographic proximity, fast access to care is also valued. Most places also have health services available in Russian.”

Growing demand

In 2011, Russian visitors to Finland spent about EUR 670 million on products and EUR 220 million on services, of which EUR 15 million went on health care. Hospital specialists and directors in the South Karelia region of eastern Finland have been receiving an increasing number of email enquiries, according to Markku Hupli, Director of Health Services.

“The services with the biggest demand are cancer treatment, perinatal services, surgery and dental care. This is a very significant business that is experiencing the same kind of exponential growth as trade,” says Hupli.

Source: Good News from Finland