Growth in cargo and passenger traffic in the Port of Helsinki

The port’s unitised cargo traffic developed strongly and passenger traffic reached a new record.

The total cargo volumes in the Port of Helsinki were 10.9 million tonnes in 2010. Unitised cargo traffic developed strongly throughout the year, amounting to 9.8 million tones which is 14.2% increase on the year before. The port’s cargo traffic was in balance with regard to imports and exports. Exports increased by 13.7% to a total of 4.8 million tonnes, while imports grew by 14.7% to a total of 5.0 million tonnes.

Passenger traffic reached an all-time high in 2010 with almost 9.8 million passengers in liner traffic, representing an 8.3% increase on the previous year. Tallinn was the most popular destination with 71% of the passenger traffic, followed by Stockholm (24%), Travemunde and Rostock (3%), and St Petersburg and Gdynia. There were also 342,000 passengers in international cruise traffic, which was 5% less than in 2009.

Source: Port of Helsinki