Growing market for climbing facilities in Finland

Tampere Climbing Centre is already expanding after just one year in business.

One year after establishing a climbing centre in the city of Tampere, Janne Sievänen and Kalle Vänskä are expanding the surface area of their existing climbing walls for the second time. After widening the centre’s bouldering wall, the latest expansion will create a new rope climbing wall.

There is clearly a market for more climbing facilties in Finland, where the number of enthusiasts has increased from 6000 ten years ago to 20,000 today. Climbing is among the fastest growing hobbies in Finland, according to Jari Koski from Suomen Kiipeilyseura. In the future, Sievänen and Vänskä are planning planning to expand the Tampere Climbing Centre to a new hall.

Source: Kauppalehti