Growing confidence in Finland’s retail and technical trade

Latest confidence indicators show encouraging prospects for 2010.

Finland’s retail and technical trade is showing growing confidence in the future of the sector, according to the Federation of Finnish Commerce. The latest confidence indicators from the federation show that companies in the sector expect sales to develop in a more positive direction in 2010 compared to the year before.

The most encouraging change has occurred in the expectations of the technical trade, where 77% of the companies in the sector believe that their sales will improve during 2010. The expectations of companies in the retail sector have also become more hopeful, according to a survey by the Confederation of Finnish Industries. This confidence is not without basis as Finland’s retail trade has clearly picked up during recent months, according to Jaana Kurjenoja, chief economist of the Federation of Finnish Commerce.

Unlike a year ago when most companies were reducing staff, the majority of companies now expect to keep employment at the same level for the next year.

Source: Federation of Finnish Commerce