Green Fuel Nordic to start bio-oil production in Finland in 2014

New biorefinery will turn 350,000 solid cubic metres of wood biomass into bio-oil annually.

Finnish biorefining company Green Fuel Nordic Oy is expecting to start bio-oil production before the end of this year following the completion of its biorefinery in Iisalmi, eastern Finland. The construction of the biorefinery will begin in the summer and take three months, according to an interview with Green Fuel Nordic’s CEO Timo Saarelainen in the Finnish business publication Kauppalehti.

The biorefinery will utilize RTP™ technology to produce second-generation bio-oil. RTP is a fast thermal process in which biomass, usually forest residuals or agricultural by-products, is rapidly heated to approximately 500°C in the absence of oxygen. The technology will be supplied by Honeywell’s sister company Itä Envergent Technologies. The other major equipment supplier for the biorefinery is Andritz.

Replacing heavy fuel oil

Wood supply company Harvestia Oy will provide the 350,000 solid cubic metres of raw material required by the biorefinery annually. According to Saarelainen, bio-oil is one way of replacing the 10 TW of heavy fuel oil used annually by industry in Finland.

“One biorefinery produces 0.5 TW of bio-oil so there is room for more refineries,” says Saarelainen. Green Fuel Nordic is also planning to construct biorefineries in Savonlinna and Lieksa in eastern Finland. The Finnish energy company Fortum is already operating a bio-oil refinery in Joensuu.

Sources: Kauppalehti, Green Fuel Nordic, Envergent Technologies