Grand Cru launches Supernauts game in Finland

New mobile game aims to take interaction between players to a new level.

Finnish game company Grand Cru has launched its debut game called Supernauts for iPads and iPhones in Finland. The aim of the game is for players to rescue people from a flooded Planet Earth, and to design and construct a new inhabitable world in space using different kinds of building materials. The game will be launched internationally next year.

Supernauts features 3D graphics and players can build and talk with each other. “We are producing social mobile games with the goal of creating a new genre focused on people doing things together,” says Grand Cru’s CEO Markus Pasula.

Ambitious game

According to Grand Cru, Supernauts is the most ambitious mobile game ever, taking interaction between players to a new level. “We have been refining the intuitive interface designed for touch screens for almost two years, so that it will be perfect for all players,” says Pasula.

Grand Cru has raised more than USD 16 million in investment capital, including a Series A USD 11 million investment from Idinvest, Qualcomm and Nokia Growth. The company was founded in 2011 by six Finnish game industry veterans who have worked on titles like Habbo Hotel, Tiki Towers and the Playman.

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