Google to increase investment in Finnish data centre

Google has invested EUR 350 million in turning a former paper mill into a high-tech data centre.

Google is set to announce a third phase of investment in its data centre located in Hamina, south-eastern Finland. The new investment may make Google the largest international investor in Finland, according to Hannu Muhonen, Mayor of the City of Hamina, who was interviewed by Yle last week.

Google initially invested EUR 200 million in turning a former paper mill in Hamina into one of the most advanced and efficient data centres in its fleet. The facility features a unique sea water cooling system and was opened in 2011. In August this year, Google announced a further EUR 150 million investment in the data centre. So far Google has not confirmed the amount of the latest investment.

Excellent location

According to Google, it chose Hamina as a data centre location because of the right combination of energy infrastructure, developable land and available workforce. “We had the unique opportunity to salvage an old paper mill in Hamina and use the pre-existing infrastructure to build a data center there,” Google states on its website.

In September this year, Microsoft also announced that it will invest USD 250 million in a data centre in Finland.

Sources: Yle, Google