Case study

Good language skills and proximity to India attract WebScape to Finland

WebScape started operations last year in the northern Finnish city of Oulu, with plans to develop into a company that will cover the whole EU with branding, technology and internet based solutions by 2015.

WebScape is part of arBionics, an Indian company that provides worldwide online branding, priority email solutions, internet based applications, database management and other technologies for some of the best companies in the world. The goal of arBionics is to redefine branding in the entire approach to interactive experience of websites, mobile applications, illustration, concept art, 2D/3D animation.


WebScape Finland was set up as company with a business model to develop independently from a small start-up into an entity capable of handling all of EU with its own resources and team within 5 years. According to its business plan, development will encompass the areas of branding, technology and internet-based solutions that span creative websites, email solutions, hosting services, complete online systems and web-shops to electronic magazines and publishing.


How to package Finland?


WebScape's plan to locate in Finland started back in 1999, but some time was needed for background study before the final decision. Before deciding on Finland, a review of other European countries including France, Italy, Sweden, Norway and Denmark was carried out.


Proficiency in English, a good working environment, its proximity to India and the high standard of education were found to be Finland's winning assets. Also the fact that the country itself has a unique set of products but not a strong virtual branding approach that would appeal to the international market, makes Finland interesting for WebScape.


Mr. Anirban Rakshit, the owner of Webscape Oy, appreciates Finland's leading role in innovative technological thinking and the highly networked Finnish business environment, but views local companies to be a bit conservative in adopting new methods and thinking. “We also would like to see more confidence in branding and packaging in Finland”, Rakshit says.

Fruitful cooperation


WebScape's assistance from Invest in Finland started with an article about business opportunites in Finland published in a business review in India.


“Thanks to IIF, we have been able to network efficiently right from the beginning and get an understanding of Finnish industry from the inside,” Rakshit states.


Setting up the company was experienced as an easy process by WebScape as it barely took a week from start to finish. The only real challenge was to decide where to locate since all the regions had their own advantages. Oulu was finally chosen because Business Oulu provides everything the company needed.