Funding for University of Eastern Finland research on nanophotonics

Research on the applications of atomic layer deposition in nanophotonics and medical diagnostics will bring together major high-tech companies in Finland.

The project will bring together major high-tech companies in Finland, initiating new R&D projects for the participating companies, particularly in Eastern Finland, and creating potential for new start-up companies in Eastern Finland. The project will be carried out in close collaboration with several international research institutes.

“This funding gives us a significant boost in the development of new nanophotonic solutions, for example, in optical communications and medical diagnostics,” says professor Seppo Honkanen, the head of the project.

According to Professor Pasi Vahimaa, Head of the Department of Physics and Mathematics, the project enables the university to further increase the scientific level of its nanophotonics research, while simultaneously developing new applications utilizing nanophotonics.

The duration of the project is two years and the funding is from the European Regional Development Fund (ENDF) through Tekes.

Source: University of Eastern Finland