Fujitsu selects Finland as base for its next-generation cloud platform

The cloud platform will become one of the key ways to bring innovations to customers and facilitate digitisation, says Simo Leisti, the chief executive of Fujitsu Finland.

Fujitsu will make one of the largest investments in its history in Finland.


The multinational provider of information technology equipment and services announced at the end of 2016 that it has decided to establish the Nordic data centre for its next-generation cloud platform, the Fujitsu Cloud Service K5, in Finland.


The Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 is part of MetaArc, a platform for developing digital services, and has been designed to support digitisation projects and facilitate the utilisation of cloud, mobile, big data and IoT technologies.


The investment will be made as part of a €250-million investment programme launched in Europe, the Middle East and Africa in order “to transition from an era of slow to an era of fast information technology,” says Simo Leisti, the chief executive of Fujitsu Finland.


He adds that he is unable to disclose the exact amount of the investment to be made in Finland.


“Fujitsu is spending €2.5 billion globally in product development,” he highlights in an interview with Tekniikka & Talous. “There aren't too many companies that are able to invest that much in product development. The K5 platform will become one of the key ways to bring innovations to customers and facilitate digitisation.”


Fujitsu is already one of the longest-standing data centre operators and information technology service providers in Finland, points out Alpo Akujärvi, the head of Data Centers at Finpro's Invest in Finland.


“The availability of cloud services will increase substantially and offer new alternatives to Finnish, Nordic and global companies alike, thus reinforcing our ecosystem for producing digital services,” he says.


A leading digital infrastructure


Finland is determined to develop what is already one of the best digital infrastructures in the world, according to the World Economic Forum's Network Readiness Index.


The Finnish Government has committed to delivering data speeds of 100Mb/s to every business and household in the country, while two major data cable projects – the newly-completed submarine cable between Finland and Germany, and the planned cable between Finland and China along the Northern Sea Route – will enable the low-latency connections to financial markets around the world.


It is no surprise that the country is gradually becoming recognised as one of the best locations for server farms in the world, as is evident from the recent arrival of leading data-intensive service providers, including Equinix, Google, Microsoft and Yandex.


An international company launching operations in Finland will also be greeted with low energy prices, a secure energy supply, an abundance investment-ready locations, and an unrivalled availability of engineers and scientists to help take full advantage of the opportunities abound in Finland.