Case study

Case Fujitsu Greenhouse

Fujitsu has invested in Finland by establishing a joint venture company with a Finnish greenhouse company Robbe’s Little Garden. The new company, Fujitsu Greenhouse Technology Finland Ltd, operates a plant factory equipped with new agricultural ICT system and Finnish companies’ expertise in LED lighting and control systems.


Fujitsu Greenhouse Technology Finland commenced operations in November 2016 and will begin full-scale production in the first half of fiscal year 2017, reaching the Finnish market through the sales network of Robbe’s Little Garden (Robbes Lilla Trädgård).

The plant factory providing approximately 3,400 m2 cultivation space is located in Lindkoski and equipped with intelligent FUJITSU “Akisai” Food and Agriculture Cloud service. There are 6-tier growing trays, full automation and fully artificial lighting with LEDs developed by the Finnish company Netled. Heat energy management is taken care by Novarbo, another innovative and advanced Finnish company.

The aim is to grow and deliver a steady, year-round supply of vegetables, such as baby greens and leaf lettuce. Growing vegetables in Finland during the harsh Nordic winter is demanding due to short days and weak sunlight. Plant factories provide a new highly efficient way to grow leafy vegetables and herbs to meet increasing demand for fresh products.




 Mr. Yoshioka (Managing Director, Fujitsu Greenhouse Technology Finland Oy), Mr. Taniguchi (Director, Fujitsu Limited), Mr. Jordas (Owner, Robbe’s Little Garden), Mr. Kimura (Finpro, Japan), Ms. Toivonen (Finpro, Invest in Finland), Mr. Tozawa (President, M2 solution), Mr. Aikawa (Managing Director, Fujitsu Kyushu Systems Limited) at the establishment ceremony.

“By combining Fujitsu’s top-quality ICT systems with our production techniques and Finnish expertise in lightning and control systems, we are able to cultivate pure, naturally healthy vegetables here in Finland close to consumers,” rejoices Mr. Robert Jordas, Owner of Robbe’s Little Garden.

According to Mr. Shinji Yoshioka, Managing Director, Fujitsu Greenhouse Technology Finland Ltd, there were several reasons why Fujitsu decided to establish the plant factory in Finland.

“Finland, a high technology country with Nordic climate and know-how in greenhouse technology, sounded suitable location for the project. Also clean environment, low-risk conditions for investments and stable society attracted us.”

However, the most important reason was finding the right partner from Finland highlights Mr. Yoshioka.

“We would like to express our gratitude to Finpro for having their great support to begin a new business in Finland. They introduced a good Finnish partner to us and we had their kind assistance for concluding the agreement between the Finnish partner company and Fujitsu.”

Strong support from Team Finland

Along with the three principals, Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu Kyushu Systems Limited and Robbe’s Little Garden, that invested, there were several Finnish actors involved in coordinating the establishment of the business.

Finpro’s Invest in Finland unit, together with Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) representing expertise in the greenhouse area, assisted Fujitsu to find the right partner. Dr. Kari Jokinen, Principal Research Scientist at Luke, had a pivotal role in the partner search.

“Vertical farming and plant factories are expanding very fast globally. It is great to have the first full-scale enterprise here in Finland. This novel concept and its further development will give pronounced opportunities for the scientists in Luke to collaborate with professional growers in the field of vertical indoor cultivation and to support its unique progress.”

Also Finpro’s local office in Japan and Embassy of Finland in Japan, with the knowledge of the local language and business, had a significant role in the case.

Fujitsu aims to package the combination of Greenhouse Horticulture SaaS and production equipment, including multi-tier growing trays, sensors, and LEDs, for deployment throughout the EU.

Mr. Antti Aumo, Head of Finpro’s Invest in Finland unit, says that Fujitsu chose the right location to test the concept.

“Finnish companies have innovative high tech solutions for solving challenges related to growing vegetables in harsh conditions with high energy costs. This knowhow is being utilized in this project. We have a great environment to develop and test high tech solutions for global markets.”