Fortum and OP to increase public charging points by 33%

The development of charging, mobility, smart grid and electric transport services in Finland is creating investment opportunities for international investors, says Marko Vänskä, the head of growth capital at Finpro.

Fortum and OP Financial Group have joined forces to install roughly a hundred electric vehicle charge points across Finland.


The state-owned energy company and financial services provider have initially agreed to install charge points in a total of 80 municipalities across the country, thereby increasing the number of public charge points in the country by 33 per cent.


The installations are scheduled to begin in May and to be completed by the end of December. Fortum and OP Financial Group have also indicated their willingness to expand the charging network further in the future.


“Fortum and OP are trailblazers on the road to sustainable development. The partnership is an important step toward meeting the national objective of having 250,000 registered electric vehicles in 2030,” says Marko Vänskä, the head of growth capital at Finpro.


The Finnish Government has announced its intention to add 250,000 electric vehicles on the country’s roads by 2030 as part of its effort to slash transport emissions by 39 per cent, relative to the level of 2005.


Vänskä points out that a well-functioning charging network is a prerequisite for encouraging electric vehicle ownership.


“Installing charge points, improving charging services and optimising the charging process from the energy system’s viewpoint are means to create a solid foundation for promoting electric transport,” he tells.


Finland, he says, offers world-class expertise and proven solutions for developing both smart grids and charging technology.



Finland offers world-class expertise and proven solutions for smart grids and charging technology.

“Electric transportation, charging, smart grids and mobility services form a field where Finland has a lot to offer in the global market,” says Vänskä. “The companies active in this space are very interesting investment targets.”


Promoting the use of electric cars

OP Financial Group says the partnership is part of its newly-adopted strategy to transform into a multi-sectoral service provider.


It made its first move in the mobility arena at the end of 2016 by launching OP Kulku, a service allowing the businesses and residents of the metropolitan area to lease electric vehicles in a care-free fashion. The service is to be launched also in other areas of the country by the end of 2017.


“We want to promote the use of electric cars in Finland,” states Harri Nummela, the director of digital and new services at OP Financial Group. “Having charge points in the vicinity of our co-operative banks will also facilitate the expansion of OP Kulku.”


Fortum, in turn, has already amassed extensive expertise of installing and operating charging networks. Its network of charge points, the Fortum Charge & Drive, currently consists of more than 1,200 charge points, including 450 quick charge points, in the Nordics.


It is also the market leader in electric vehicle charging services in Norway, which – with its 130,000 registered vehicles – has the highest number of electric vehicles per capita in the entire world.


“This is the time to raise the electric car charging network to a new level also in Finland. Our co-operation with OP is a prime example of how we can promote the use of electric cars together in Finland,” says Rami Syväri, the head of international sales and business development at Fortum Charge & Drive.