FORGE Service Lab launched in Finland

FORGE offers a pre-commercial laboratory for the development of digital services.

Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications has awarded EUR 3.84 million funding towards the launch of FORGE Service Lab, a pioneering laboratory for the creation of digital services. FORGE will operate in Kajaani, northern Finland, under the auspices of DIGILE, the Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation in the Field of ICT, and in cooperation with CSC – IT Centre for Science.

“Finland already makes fantastic games. The next step is to capture the market for digital services. Now is the time for us to unite our forces to create all kinds of digital services and conquer the world,” says Jari Juopperi, director of FORGE Service Lab. FORGE is open to everyone interested in developing digital services, including companies, educational institutions, business development teams, and the public sector.

Boosting the digital service business

FORGE’s aim is to speed up the development of the digital service business in Finland across a vast array of settings and applications. It is a pre-commercial laboratory for the creation of services, combining both the technical foundation needed for creating services and the support of service design to create solutions for general use in Finland. FORGE can be used for learning about how to produce digital services, from an idea to a scalable implementation.

According to FORGE, digital services are a key way of generating new growth in the rapidly developing Internet economy. The ability to create new digital services is also crucial when seeking to make structural changes to the ICT industry. FORGE Service Lab’s web pages are designed to enable everyone to follow its work, and also to enable interested parties to benefit from what is being achieved.

Source: FORGE Service Lab