Forbes ranks Finland among top ten countries for business

Finland has got a good grading on factors such as property rights, innovation and corruption on Forbes' ranking.

Forbes, the American business magazine, has ranked Finland as number 9 in its annual ranking of “Best Countries for Business”. The top country in this year’s rankings is New Zealand followed by Denmark, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Forbes determines best business countries by grading 141 nations on 11 different factors including property rights, innovation, taxes, technology, corruption and freedom. Finland scored especially high in property rights (1), innovation (3) and corruption (2).

Finland first in property rights

Forbes notes that the great challenge of Finnish economic policy will be to mitigate a possible recession in 2012, and in longer-term “Finland must address a rapidly aging population and decreasing productivity that threaten competitiveness, fiscal sustainability, and economic growth.”

Forbes uses research and published reports from organisations such as the Central Intelligence Agency, World Bank and World Economic Forum when evaluating business climate and opportunities of different countries.

Source: Good News From Finland