Finns enthusiastic about wood apartment buildings

New survey also reveals a desire for better quality and more alternatives in home construction in Finland.

A survey commissioned by Finland's Ministry of Economic Affairs has revealed that 83% of Finns have a positive image about wood apartment buildings. As many as nine out of ten people expect their number to increase more in the future compared to other types of apartment building construction.

According to the survey findings, wood apartment buildings are linked to attributes like human scale, homeliness, a warm atmosphere, naturalness, and an environmentally friendly way of living. In addition to the quality of the construction, other important criteria identified by the respondents regarding wood apartment buildings are sound insulation, air quality, the convertibility of the apartment, and storage solutions.

The biggest question marks concerning wood apartment buildings concern fire safety, sound insulation, price competitiveness, the development of demand, and the longevity of the facades. The survey also reveals the respondents' desire for more quality and alternatives in the field of home construction in Finland.

There are currently 37 completed wood apartment buildings in Finland with a total of 644 apartments. Ongoing projects are set to create about 6000 new apartments in wood apartment buildings around the country.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs