Finnish technical consultancy companies very optimistic about future

Stricter environmental regulations are expected to boost demand for technical services in Finland.

Companies operating in the technical consultancy sector of business services are very positive about their future prospects, according to a major report published on the sector by Branch Utility, a specialist service under the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Compared to one year ago, 46% of companies in the sector say business has improved, with just 15% having a negative assessment of the current situation. Over 52% of technical consultancy companies expect to increase their turnover in the next 12 months.

Technical consultancy is one of the major business services sectors in Finland and has made an important contribution to the growth of Finnish industry and the national economy. The sector includes architectural services, engineering, surveying and mapping, technical planning, machine and process planning, electronic planning, water heat and ventilation services, and other technical services.

According to the report, 12% of the technical services companies in Finland operate in international markets, with 34% on the national, 37% in the regional and 15% on the local level. In terms of sales, the largest companies currently operating in the sector in Finland are Pöyry Group, Neste Jacobs Oy, Ramboll Finlnad Oy and VCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy, and FMC-Group.

The companies surveyed for the report say that their biggest challenges concern marketing and sales, networking and sub-contracting, and the development and training of staff. The development of the energy sector and especially the introduction of stricter environmental regulations, are expected to create new business opportunities for technical services companies in Finland.

Source: Branch Utility report on Technical Consultancy Sector