Finnish study reveals business opportunities for energy-saving solutions

Apartment blocks in Finland could use new technology to improve their energy efficiency, according to a study by the Finnish property management chain REIM Group.

A study by the REIM Group about the energy consumption of its housing cooperative clients has found that many Finnish apartment blocks are not being managed energy-efficiently.

There are several energy-saving measures which are not being utilized in many buildings. For example, most Finnish apartment blocks are fitted with a ventilation extractor fan that blows heated air directly out of the building. Fitting a heat recovery system would save the owners of the building thousands of euros in a year.

Even small investments can improve energy efficiency in almost all buildings, according to the study. Reim Group suggests that Finnish housing cooperatives could employ new equipment and methods to cut their energy bills. For example, in Germany it is normal that each apartment pays its own heating bills according to its actual consumption.

New leasing-style finance for purchasing energy-saving equipment would also make energy efficient investments more attractive for Finnish housing cooperatives, according to Marko Hellevaara from the Reim Group. REIM Group Oy Ltd is a group of property management and real estate marketing companies operating both in Finland and Russia.

Sources: Uusimaa and the Finnish Real Estate Management Federation