Finnish students excel in PISA problem solving assessment

New PISA assessment ranks Finland the best in Europe and fourth in the OECD.

Finnish students are the best in creative problem solving in Europe and fourth in the OECD, according the PISA 2012 assessment carried out in 44 countries and economies, including 28 OECD countries. The assessment measured the students’ capacity to respond to non-routine situations in order to achieve their potential as constructive and reflective citizens.

Almost 3700 students from 311 Finnish schools participated in the assessment. From the Finnish students 4% were among the top performers in the PISA assessment, compared to the OECD average of 3%. The average score for Finnish students was 523 points, while the OECD average was 500 points.

Consistent performance

Finland had the lowest differences between schools in problem-solving performance, mathematics performance and socio-economic status among all the countries in the assessment. The low variation between schools points to a consistently high level of performance across the country.

According to PISA, its ongoing programme offers insights for education policy and practice, and that helps monitor trends in students acquisition of knowledge and skills across countries and economies and in different demographic subgroups within each country.

Source: PISA, Ministry of Education and Culture