Finnish startup ADA Drive offers big data with multiple interfaces

Experts in Vehicle Modeling, Big Data Analysis and Integration

Finnish company ADA Drive Oy Ltd has created innovative digital services to improve customer service and efficiency in the automotive industry. ADA Drive’s ecosystem connects vehicles and their owners, commercial services and authorities. Its vehicle digital transaction account is a network of information relating to a vehicle, making it possible for a consumer to book maintenance appointments, get targeted offers, as well as review a vehicle’s maintenance history and technical information held by authorities such as the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi.

For dealerships and various vehicle maintenance organisations, ADA provides an easy interface for service station operations management and monitoring. Originating from tyre and repair shop services, the solution can also serve vehicle importers, inspection stations, leasing and car rental companies, spare parts dealers, as well as car financing and insurance companies. Many different types of companies can boost their business by offering ADA’s smart digital services to their customers and by utilising the aggregated and enriched vehicle technical information also provided by ADA.

All ADA services and solutions can be tailored to specific customers needs and integrated to different IT and operations management systems, including ERP, CRM, billing, etc. Furthermore, ADA can provide tailored front-end user interfaces and applications for the web, mobile, and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) environments as needed.

Addressing challenges and creating opportunities

According to ADA, its service has been developed to solve problems in the automotive sector such as increased competition, low profitability and increasing costs. ADA service addresses major challenges like rising consumer standards and the need for better customer service and pricing transparency. ADA service brings a modern, innovative online consumer self-service model to the automotive industry, generating significant time and cost savings and greater efficiency, information transparency and service accuracy.

The huge amount of vehicle, spare parts and user data refined by ADA offers interesting opportunities for global service and data providers. ADA Drive can sell monitored access to this big data through different Application Programming Interfaces (API). This data and analytics can be used to improve quality of service and operational efficiency, driving superior customer satisfaction and new revenue opportunities through, for example, upselling and smart, targeted offers and campaigns. Benchmarking based on ADA’s aggregated data could also enable tactical service pricing. In the future, ADA can also utilize the real-time data available through the OBD interface in vehicles to enable new kinds of value-added services such as predictive/preventive maintenance.