Finnish retail market has room for new convenience store chain

Jorma Tuukkanen, founder of the Siwa retail chain, believes there should be more competition in the retail sector for daily consumer goods in Finland.

They see the growth of online shopping as a major challenge for the retail trade. The roles of the logistics companies and information systems providers may become increasingly important. Customers will gain new opportunities when they can find services to support their everyday lives from international sources. The forms of responsible consumption will become both more localised and internationalised. Consumers will have many more opportunities to make their influence felt.

According to Neilimo and Kuusela, the significance of efficient budget stores will increase in the future and traditional retail companies will become service companies. In the future success stories will emerge from global customer-centred operating models and highly specialised companies. Industry and brand owners will be increasingly tempted to bypass retailers. Consumer goods and the companies trading them will be challenged but the retail of easily spoiled, heavy and edible products will move relatively slowly to the web.

Sources: Keskisuomalainen, Talouselämä, Kehittyvä Kauppa