Finnish Port of Uusikaupunki to make new investments

Rapidly increasing manufacturing activity in Uusikaupunki requires major investments in warehousing and other facilities at the port.

Traffic at the Port of Uusikaupunki in south-western Finland is expected to grow significantly in the near future. Thanks to major investments by international and Finnish companies in steel and car manufacturing, and the construction of a soy processing plant in Uusikaupunki, the port is now looking to make major investments in warehouses, buildings and other facilities.

British company Stemcor, the world’s largest independent steel trader, acquired SteelTeam Oy, a steel service centre based at the deep-sea port of Uusikaupunki in May this year. “The acquisition of SteelTeam, with its strategic port location, will enable Stemcor to increase our market presence in Scandinavia,” says Julian Verden, Group Managing Director at Stemcor.

In July, Daimler awarded Finnish car manufacturer Valmet Automotive a contract to build more than 100,000 of its Mercedes-Benz A-Class compact cars from 2013 to 2016 at its Uusikaupunki facility.

The Finnish company Finnprotein Oy is currently building a multi-stage soy processing plant in Uusikaupunki, the largest facility of its type in Europe. Finnprotein extracts protein and oil from soybeans for the animal feed, human food and biodiesel industries in Finland and abroad. The plant will apply advanced multi-stage extraction technology and process up to 400,000 tons of soybeans annually.

According to Port Director Esa Soini, increasing the amount of warehousing is the biggest challenge facing the Port of Uusikaupunki.

Sources: Uudenkaupungin Sanomat, Stemcor, Daimler, Finnprotein