Finnish mining cluster receives EUR 30 million state investment

Government-owned Finnish Industry Investment Ltd will target Finnish and foreign mining companies for developing projects located in Finland.

“A programme which syndicates with private investors on a project-specific basis is the most effective and flexible way of strengthening Finnish skills in the mining sector. The sector is currently going through its second wave. The supplementary capitalisation of Finnish Industry Investment Ltd will speed up the realisation of mining projects. In addition, we should not forget the mining cluster, which has great potential to benefit from Finnish expertise in export markets,” says Kimmo Viertola, director of Finnish Industry Investment Ltd's mining investment programme.

One of Finnish Industry Investment Ltd's aims is to increase the number of mining companies listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. A new mining company will be listed there after the summer, when Sotkamo Silver applies for parallel listing on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, in addition to the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The company is likely be followed by others.

Source: Finnish Industry Investment Ltd